2020 ~ 2021 Tuition Rates
~ Payments must be made by check or cash ~

30 Minute Class - $450.00 Season/Year
45 Minute Class - $500.00 Season/Year
60 Minute Class - $550.00 Season/Year
Costumes - $65.00 Per Class (No Refunds Once Costumes Are Ordered)

Reminder: Tuition can be paid in full by June 1, 2020 for a 5% discount off the total yearly payment (New families may
choose this option upon registering if they choose to pay the full season at registration time), by September 1, 2020 for
the full season
or in 9 installments beginning September 1st.

* The final payment must be made by May 1st  

Tuition is based on a full dance season, not based on how many classes there are each month.
For your convenience, you may choose to break payments for 2020/2021 into 9 equal payments.

See schedule below

All accounts must be in good standing before ordering recital shirts, recital photos and recital tickets
Anyone missing payments will not be allowed to purchase these items until payments are up to date
and will not be allowed to register for the next season. Please see us with any questions.

Payment Option A
Full Payment for year due June 1, 2020
* Deduct 5% off the Yearly payment plus...
* 5% Multi-Class Discount Also Applies

Payment Option B
Full payment for season due by:
September 1, 2020
* 5% Multi-Class Discount Also Applies

Payment Option C
9 Equal Installments
Payments must be made:
September 1, 2020 – May 1, 2021
* 5% Multi-Class Discount Also Applies
Payments are due the 1st DAY of the month,
NOT the 1st class of the month
Payments are late after the 1st of the month

Payments are always due by the 1st day of each month
A  $10.00 late fee must be added for payments made after the 1st of each month

Late payments are NOT eligible for discount

*$20.00 fee for ALL returned checks

Payment 1 - Due By September 1st
Payment 2 - Due By October 1st
Payment 3 - Due By November 1st
Payment 4 - Due By December 1st
Payment 5 - Due By January 1st
Payment 6 - Due By February 1st
Payment 7 - Due By March 1st
Payment 8 - Due by April 1st
Final Payment - Payment 9 - Due By May 1st

5% Monthly Multiple Class Discount for family/student taking 2 or more classes if payments are
BY the 1st day of each month ~ (Pay all 9 Installments on time and it's like getting one month free
with your Multiple Class Discount)  Late payments are not eligible for the 5% discount!
Unlike most schools, we offer the discount off
all of your classes, not just one student or one class!

*Monthly Tuition payments are always due by the 1st day of the month
*$10.00 late fee for payments made after the 1st day of month
*$20.00 fee for returned checks ~ Replacement payments must be made within 5 days in cash
After 2nd bounced check
all payments must be made in cash

***Please see handbook for other information

*Pay the
2020 ~ 2021 season in full BY June 1st  & receive a 5% discount  
(Multiple Class discount MAY be applied also if applicable)

We will not accept registrations if you have an outstanding balance from previous months

$25.00 individual registration fee
$45.00 family registration fee (more than one student)
A non-refundable registration fee is due upon registration

Students currently enrolled in our 2020  program receive priority enrollment

New students may enroll April 15th
Classes filled first come, first serve
Classes Start Monday, September 12, 2020